okay another iTouch prob.?

okay i got home nd thnx 2 the ppl who answered my othr q. well my prob was i was in utah visiting ppl nd i got an iTouch 4 my bday nd i wanted 2 use it then so i put it on my uncles computr nd put songs nd apps on it (only fwee ones) now im home in cali nd i put it on my computr nd it wants to erase my songs and idk if it will erase my apps will it ?? k not done :) i also wanted to kno okay my computr had a virus so i put all my songs on a cd nd wen they cleaned it out i put the cd with all my music but only some workd so i bought a whole bunch of new songs nd put them on a smart chip 4 my PSP wich was my fav. at the time nd ovr the trip in utah i was switching smart chips with the music one and a digital camera one nd ended up losing the music one so i got home to my itunes nd tried playing my music nd a little exclamation point came up nd said it cnt find the file where the music was nd it wnt play :(( so if i sync my iTouch will it still put the songs on or will it not wrk ?? pls help me ?? tank yooh :) sowwy 4 making u read it all :P

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    Hey! Well, the same thing happened to me! Yes i found out what had actually happened. When it is a different computer with different programs especially in another state, it has to earse in order to come back to the original program which is your Cali comp. to change the songs. I had sooo many songs but had to delete it and start downloading all over! I was soo mad because I hate downloading and I had t start from scratch. Yes it will delet the apps and songs. Hope i helpedd! That happened to me sooo much! Personall experiences! Good luck!

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    ( hahaha I'm on my iPod touch right now)

    Ok, so first of all, you shouldn't have registered your iPod on your far away uncle because the iPod is only going to recognize that ip address. Because when you brought it home to your computer, the iPod will assume that since you're on a different computer, someones tried to steal it. You've bottom yourself in quite a mess.

    Well I'm no expert, but I'm suggesting that you to to the nearest Apple store, explain how you didn't know how to set it up, and they'll be really nice about it, because Apple people are generally nice people, LOL.

    Good luck, and don't worry about anything because tv Apple tech support people practically fell from heaven. (haha not really )

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