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what is the most popular brand of clothes?

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    theres all kinds try looking on these websites.

    hope i helped!

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    Polo Ralph Lauren

    Everyone knows Polo. Many different types or people wear it.It has a huge range of prices because of its different labels within it. I myself love it and always have it on. I can't wear a complete outfit without wear it and I'm not rich at all. Also Ralph Lauren is the richest designer because of it's different labels. He's worth over 3 billion and the Company is worth over 7 billion. It has stuff for men, women, and kids. An whole family can wear it. And they have something for every occasion. You can wear it to the super-market or to a gala. It's the best and most versatile brand ever.

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    Ralph Lauren's Polo

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    dc annd quiksilver?

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