Okay, this sounds stupid, but I'm really starting to believe this whole MJ death hoax thing.?

Bash me if you must, but errday I look on the Death Hoax site, and EVERYTHING adds up. I wanted to point out some main points. (:

- Let’s take a closer look at this statement from Dr. Conrad Murray, as quoted by his own Lawyer.

” Jackson still had a faint pulse and a warm body when Murray found him in bed and not breathing Thursday afternoon, Chernoff said in the AP interview.

Chernoff said Murray was at the pop icon’s rented mansion when he discovered Jackson in bed and not breathing. The doctor immediately began administering CPR, Chernoff said. “

Now, I’m not sure how many of you are trained in First Aid, but the key words here are that Michael Jackson STILL HAD A FAINT PULSE, and NOT BREATHING. If he still had a faint pulse, but wasn’t breathing, why the hell would you start administering CPR?

- The recording by AEG of Michael Jackson’s ‘Final Rehearsal’ was conveniently recorded in Full HD Audio and Video. [Why would they record it in the first place? Notice how they did that and right after he died they said that they were going to make it into a movie.]

- # A friend of Michael’s, Gotham Chopra on the 10th July tweets: Had the most fascinating dinner last night with that guy that runs the world from behind the curtain. View it here: http://twitter.com/GothamChopra

# Michael Jackson’s clip of Liberian girl, where he directs everything from behind the curtain. [Hm...sounds fishy eh? They were good friends. This could just be speculation, but really?]

- this might be the biggest one - When the 911 call was finally made it was not until 30 minutes after Michael Jackson collapsed?

The staff member who finally did make the call to 911 was very polite and mentioned that there was a “gentleman” who was in need of assistance – why didn’t he say it was Michael Jackson?

The 911 operator HUNG UP on the caller saying “call us back if you need any more help”. This is 100% against 911 protocol, the 911 operator is to stay on the line until authorities arrive. Why wouldn’t they need more help – THERE IS SOMEONE DYING!

It is a widely known fact that cell phones have GPS tracking. Even without knowing Michael Jackson’s full address the doctor could have used his cell phone to call 911 immediately and they could have been able to track him. Also, Michael Jackson lived very close to the UCLA Medical Center and if he’d just said it was ‘Michael Jackson’s house’, they would have known where to go.

- The 911 operator says ‘to call back’ if they need to and disconnects. Standard procedure is to stay on the line until paramedics arrive. The operator cannot verify that there is a doctor in the residence and it does not matter if there was. They have to stay on that line.

- Why did Michael Jackson’s personal doctor and cardiologist, Doctor Conrad Murray perform CPR on the his BED?

Did Michael Jackson die in his own bedroom or the doctor’s room?

It was reported that the kids were home…when did they leave the house? With whom?

- The breathing apparatus in the picture is not properly over the mouth of the person or over his nose, nor are the chest compressions being performed in the right place. This from trained paramedics?

- There has been No information from ONE single staffer at UCLA confirming/denying that Michael Jackson was even there. There are conflicting reports about the true state of Michael Jackson’s well-being when he arrived at the hospital. Some say he was DOA – Dead on Arrival, having officially died at his home – which would explain why the ambulance that picked him up was in no rush – however the Jackson Family have stated that he was in ‘A Coma’ upon arrival at the hospital.

- There were no drugs found in Michael Jackson’s home until the second search by Police (after the Jackson family and others had been inside the home.)

- Two and a half weeks after her brother’s death, LaToya is claiming that Michael was murdered and that she knows who did it. She also stated that if the persons responsible did not come forward, that she would expose them. Interestingly she was paid quite a large sum for the interview in which she voices these claims. If your brother had been murdered and you knew who did it, wouldn’t you want to tell the world without the promise of a paycheck?

- Kenny Ortega at the memoriaL, saying “Michael was here a week ago” when Michael had “died” nearly two weeks ago. [ I actually caught that one when i was watching the memorial ]

- The pepsi video was release after almost 25 years of being hidden from the public.

- The Enquirer gives Michael Jackson 6 Months to live in January 2009 - the date of the magazine was the last week of january. Exactly 6 months later? hmm....

I know this is long, but give me your insight. (:

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    No, I really don't think so, there was a picture of him on the guernney, and why would the hospital, play around with his death, he was in the hospital, they would not release lies to the media, the L.A. coroner would not play along in releasing lies to the media either, that in itself is a pretty big criminal offense.

    Here are some points.

    1.How would they have an autopsy? That makes no sense, they can't be lying about it, all those official sources.

    2. Why would Michael Jackson let his kid's faces be so easily exposed to the media? He his them from the media their entire lives, he wouldn't just toss their most intimate moments out there.

    3. Why would there be a custody hearing? That is just getting to too out of hand if it is fake.

    4. Michael would have had a more recent will, so his 2009 wishes would be played out.

    5. I know this for sure, Michael would have come out after he heard the very FIRST, report of suicide over his death, he loved his fans more than he hated the media.

    6. Michael was very private about his medical records, i don't think he would let Arnold Klein say all that stuff about his medical history.

    7. Kenny Ortega just made a mistake, what would Michael Jackson who is supposed to be dead be doing in the Staples Center? Is that anyway to hide yourself?

    8. Why would the family buy a solid gold casket?

    I'm sorry if this sounds harsh, I was just trying to explain myself.

    And I really don't think Gotham Chopra would be that stupid to give it all away like that............

    I hate this! I never thought I would be proving Michael Jackson was dead! This makes me so upset. FML.

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    I remember when he first died last summer. I wanted so badly for it to be some kind of weird prank or something. Or to know that they had the wrong person. It was so hard to believe and often still is. I saw This is It twice and will get it on DVD. Well, there is a whole lot of material on Youtube--people that have gathered facts such as these. Equally strange was the 911 call and how they never mentioned that the person in distress was Michael Jackson. And the ambulance photo is obviously a fake. Or, a real picture from decades ago. It is all quite interesting. I don't believe in conspiracy theory, but it makes you wonder. But, in spite of all the motive and reason to do this, I just don't believe that he would do this to his children. Or his mother. Plus, there could never be any come back tour. the world would hate Michael Jackson and he'd go to jail because faking your death is a crime. There's also a lot of unanswered questions about Elivis Presley's death. Entire books have been written with research citing how he could still be alive. It's hard to believe it when a major figure dies like that, but he's gone.

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    I went on that website

    and even though I believe Michael is gone the things they say on there are pretty convincing

    But if Michael truly is gone

    I hope he's rests in peace

    but if he's is alive and just attempting to live a normal life away from all the paparazzi's bs I'm glad he deserves that more then anything

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    I admit, I do tend to believe that site every now and then (when I go on there to laugh at it I'll usually read something on there that'll make me go "Oh yeah! that is a bit suss") but then I'm usually bought back to reality after I realize that his daughter and family were crying at the funeral and that there's no way in hell MJ would do this.

    I know he was a prankster but this is the worst prank he's ever done (and the greatest ever if his death really is a hoax).

    Ah well you could always wait around for that "Back from the dead" tour that's 'supposed' to happen during xmas/new year. :P

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    Silly. The staff member who dialed 911 was polite because he was trying to get his point across clearly so that he wouldn't have to repeat anything. Calmness goes a long way. He didn't mention Michael's name to avoid a ruckus, and plus, the operator may have thought it was a prank. Mentioning the name would have created hysteria and the paparazzi would have jumped on it. Of course, the paparazzi got there anyway.

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    I don't know what to think anymore. There are parts of it that make me want to believe it. However he was only human (as angelic as he seems...) and everyone has their time to go, so whether now or later, it has to happen sometime. I really do want to be able to believe all this, but I know it's going to hurt so much more when it dosen't turn out to be true. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, so believe as you wish and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

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    Man you are good! You are very analytical and should become a lawyer.I love him just as much as you do and still cant get over it this tragedy. you forgot to mention the main one thing, how there was no body in the coffin at the memorial, and why they haven't buried the body yet?

  • I'm sorry, but I just don't believe a word of it. Why would he do that to the people he loved? Especially his children. And if this is true, the city of Los Angeles wasted a million dollars and A LOT of their time putting that memorial together.

    I just don't buy it.

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    Ikr? I don't want 2 but it's really confusing and convincing. I guess we wanna believe he's alive because we <3 him so much and will feel better knowing that he is alive + seeing is believing and we havnt really seen any real evidence of his death

    Source(s): I <3 MJ no matter what
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    Are some peoples lives so bad that they have to analyze some BS conspiracy?

    He's dead. It happened. It's over.

    What's up with all these hoaxes. 2 weeks ago it was Miley Cyrus and last week it was someone else (forgot who)

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