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JUICY GOSSIP INSIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

Any word on laundromats??? IM goin there on wednesday and i am like freaked that the washers and dryers will be dirty and filthy and my clothes will be filthy. im very worried considering i am wayyyy to beautiful to be wearing dirty clothes. Like EWWWWWW. Anyway im goin ther to hang out wit my peeps. LOLZ TEHE. So wat should i do to make sure they're clean. TYSM!!!!

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    well washers are being used with soaps and bleaches inside so the washers are clean and most people then use the dryer after they just washed their clothes,,,plus the heat kills germs

    the only part that can be dirty in the laundromat is everything but the inside of the washer and dryers...and sometimes the table you fold them on will be dirty.. it also depends on were you are and what type of town etc.

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    Millions of people use a laundry mat every day. I have never heard of anyone dying from the laundry mat disease.=)

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    soap is continually cycled so theyre clean

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    hun, just like spray febreeze.

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