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How to ask someone out?

Ok this might sound rather odd but how exactly do you ask someone out? A handfull of my friends have gone out, but most havent and i really have no idea what to say to a girl when i want to go out with her. Assume i see someone at a party and shes with some friends and i really want to ask her out, what do i a)Tell my friends when i walk over, and b) Say to her in general. I would assume its like 'Hi' and all her friends just stare at me, i know its weird but i need some advice. Also i would be more likely to want to ask someone out i dont know rather than someone i know, so i wouldnt really know anything about them, what they like, if they're single etc. Thanks..

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    never start a conversation with hi. start with a compliment. tell her you look really beautiful with your hair straight. and watch her start smiling. this is when you can start up a conversation and when you ask her out give her a choice between two things. tell her ay would you if i can get your phone number and we can talk on the phone or would you rather prefer i take you out to the movies this weekend. act smooth about it bro. don't look nervous always have confidence. whats the worse she can say my dude. no? thats nothing bro. girls like shy guys lol but they like a guy alot more who has confidence and has a type of swagger to him.

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