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Am i over weight or normal wieght?

Im 12 and about 5ft7. I weigh about 150 to 155. But am i over weight?

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    The healthy weight range for you (according to BMI) is from 119-159 pounds.

    You have a BMI of 24.0

    These are the BMI categories:

    ---Underweight (18.5 and below)

    ---Healthy weight (18.5 – 24.9)

    ---Over weight (25 – 29.9)

    ---Obese (30 and above)

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    You are overweight, but don`t worry. In your age it`s ok. When I was 12-15 I was kind of overweight, but it stabilized. It`s not the reason to worry, just try to reduce eating chocolate, fries, bread. I`m not telling to stop eating that, just to take control. And... wait till you are 16. It will get better.

    Source(s): My experience =)
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    no thats fine! The standards for whats over weight and not are way off im male 22 5,8 and overweight at 155lbs. I dont have a pinch of fat on me

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    In between. You're pretty tall, but i dont know if that still balances out the weight. You'll just have to see in the next three years: those are the years where you'll really find out;)

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    Wow your tall for 12. But your maybe a lil heavy but still in your weight range.

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    check this out...your in risk if become overweight

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