What will headers do for my bronco?

I dont know what hea?ders are. What will they do for my bronco? What will the price be for a good set? how much to install

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  • Ken E
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    1 decade ago
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    Headers are used in place of exhaust manifolds.They are much less restrictive to the exhaust gases exiting your engine. They will increase horsepower by about 14% to maybe 18%. A good set will cost somewhere around $400 to $500. They come in plain steel, chrome plated, ceramic etc. You will also need to replace your stock spark plug wires with heat resistant ones. You will also probably want to have less restrictive mufflers installed also. Depending on what year your Bronco is O2 sensors will need to also be fitted on the headers. Price varies by your location. Around here you could probably get all that done for around 400 to 500 for labor.

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