How can I light that "spark" again?

Lately I've posted some questions here about my girlfriend and our situation. To make a quick summary of everything... We had our pretty and beautiful moments in the past but we had a couple of problems (normal problems that couples have) that got things really down. These two weeks I've worked hard to fix those things up and I feel like I'm doing great in everything, a better friend for her and a better boyfriend.

But even when I'm working things up...I notice that she's still unmotivated about the the point of doubting on keep going on with it. It makes me sad cause I really love her and I want to be there for her always.

She even told me that she was feeling that our "magic" was fading away and that maybe things were better when we were friends. I know we had really nice times together as a couple...and those moments are the ones giving me hope and patience to revive them again.

I just really need some ideas to her know that I'm there for her, that I still like her just as much as the day we got together, some ideas that will help us get our "spark" or "magic" back. Please help me.


* We're 20 years old

* We've been friends for over a year and half

* We've been dating for 5 months

* We've been together for 2 months

people always ask for those details...

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    1 decade ago
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    If she is having doubts then the relationship will probably not last as doubt in a relationship from either person isn't a healthy sign. The only thing I can suggest you do is to surprise her with something, something she has always wanted to do, somewhere different and exciting. Take her on a trip or outing to somewhere she has never been before and somewhere really really exciting for the both of you. That will make another spark and she will think it's really sweet that you went to all the trouble etc. =]

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    Just go back to being friends.

    If you haven't made it past the honeymoon stage of a relationship (about a year) then I guess you're just not meant to be a couple.

    She's already got her mind set on being just friends again.

    Sorry, you just have to live with it.

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