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what are these bumps?

they are around my vagina on the inside of the lips it seems like there hiding under a layer of flesh they are tiny little white bumps they don't burn or bother me much except for when I get out of te shower and I was edd down there. I also want to know what is your vagina supposed to smell like because I really don't carry an odor or whatever but I'm kind of worried moreaboutt the bumps.


its not herps they aren't flesy bumps it doesnt ever hurt to pee or burn and I know I don't cause my previous partner was tested so I don't know what it is and my vagina has absolutly no smell is that bad.

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    every woman has those weird looking things down there

    well, if you were born with them because i have them too, it's a part of the skin. kinda of like when u look at your arm and you see hair follicles with the vagina there isn't hair there. dont worry about it lol it's nothing wrong

    UNLESS you had unprotected sex. if it itches or burns then it might be herpes. if they show up and go away it might be herpes. or you may have a rash from like a pad or something,

    as long as they arent leaking pus or anything i think you are fine. but if you feel comfortable seeing a doctor go do it lol

    as far as smell goes, some vagina dont have a smell. as long as it doesn't smell fishy you are fine.

    Source(s): i'm a girl, i looked at my vagina.
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    Vaginal bumps are something to get looked at.

    Look back at the last time you had sexual intercourse, or the last time your pleasured yourself. Anything that could create these symptoms?

    I hope your okay- but to be sure see a gynecologist or your family doctor, just to make sure that its okay, and not something that could spread of become harmful.

    It smells different :P thats all i can say about that one.

    Until you have it checked out- don't have sex; you could transmit it.

    Not saying you have herpes, but if it spreads- you don't want rumors.

    Hope your okay sweetie, good luck :)

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    ewww thats gross...did you ever have sex with someone?if you did that might be a problem...or otherwise u might be a zomby...that wud suck...maybe you have a disease...ok now im talking serious...if it starts stinging i lil after the shower it might get worse in a cuple months....it might be a desease.u never know that odor may get worse if it dusnt have one yet or if it has a lil one...if i was smart, i would go to a docter ASAP...or maybe if your under age your probly going through puberty....i dont smell my own vagina but u can smell for yourslef if you really want to know what they smell like...its kinda a gross idea though...hope you find out whats wrong [=

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    Cysts are a common occurrence, and can arise most any place on the body. In the area of the vulva a cyst is usually created by a blocked sweat ("apocrine") or skin ("sebaceous gland") gland.

    And vagina's don't have a distinctive smell unless something is wrong with it

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    Go to the doctor for you normal exam, and mention your concern.

    Our bodies are highly adaptable. Most STDs or other infections don't look like the nasty pictures they teach us about. Our bodies fight back and we can live with carrying something and showing small or no signs.

    It could be benign or a normal infection or an STD.

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    they're suppose to smell. its gross really haha

    but um, the bumps might be from not rinsing the soap off well enough and sometimes it gets dried out from soap.

    but i mean, just to be safe, mention it to a doctor sometime.

    good luck

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    Definitely wanna go to a doctor, theres no sure thing that anyone can give here. Its best to just be safe and go to a doc.

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    STD's or herps or whatever the sexual disease is called go see a doctor and fast!

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    i had them once, but it was from a whole lot of sex haha!. and don't worry both me and my partner are clean. i dont know what they are but they go away in like a week! : )

    if they don't go to the gynecologist !

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    Sounds like herpes to me, but I'm no doctor.

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