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Will i find someone better than my ex and that love again?

Why is that my ex has a girlfriend ten yrs younger than him he is 28yrs old we wnt out for 5yrs broke up last year and he treated me like hell hit me verbal abuse me do you think he is with her as she is only young and put up with his drinkin and smoking habits please help its hurting as i still love him and he moved on so quick and i cant help my feelings

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    You can definitely find some to love again. But you should try just being alone for awhile and try to get more perspective on things. Perhaps speaking to a professional might help.

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    I don't know women generally go for the same kind of guys over and over again getting the exact same results. Most men are not verbally or physically abusive. Maybe some day you will find one that your that you can be attracted to.

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    Hmmm If you let me punch you in the head and treat you like crap I will tell you I love you

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    Revenge works.

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    He is an @sshole!

    Find another one...

    I'll definitely not do that to my first GF!

    Well yeah I am still 14!


    Just ask me if I can help you in anyway...

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    man u dont need him. u'll find someone different

    someone better. someone sexier. someone that can do the forbiden stroke

  • 1 decade ago

    who do you think i am, a psychic?

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