do you get an ultrasound every month @your prenatal visits?

i got my first ultasound at 8 weeks and my next visit is when im 13 weeks will i get an ultrasound then also?

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    They usually do 2. One to confirm the pregnancy and get a due date. The second is the big one where they check out the baby and make sure everything is growing right.

    I ended up getting 3. I had low amniotic fluid. So I had to go back for a third around 22 weeks to make sure the fluid went up.

    My SIL got one every month from the time she was 20 weeks because her placenta was curled. Then starting at 36 weeks they gave her one a week to make sure everything is fine. The weekly ones are only like 5 mins though they just check the placenta and fluid and thats it.

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    No. Unless you are experiencing complications, you will probably not get another one until 20 weeks.

    There is some concern on exactly how safe ultrasounds are to the fetus. Precise safety levels for prenatal ultrasound have not been scientifically determined

    Most insurances will only pay for one, sometimes 2 if there is a question of conception date if you aren't having any problems.

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    It depends on your physician. I have gone to the dr every month since I was 5 weeks and I have ultrasound pictures for every month that I have gone up until she was about 24 weeks because then she got too big to get pictures. But every month I have gone we have been able to see our little girl!

    You should get an ultrasound at 13 weeks because that is when they consider you past the danger zone of miscarriage and they will use the measurements from that visit to determine your edd.

    Congratulations on your pregnancy!!! =)

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    5 years ago

    If it was more than a months ago, it's not likely they'll still be able to detect any marijuana in your blood. I don't even think they regularly test for drugs anyways, unless you ask for it. It's also unlikely, that you harmed your baby that early in the pregnancy. So many of us had a cigarette or a glass of wine before we found out we were pregnant and the babies still were fine. It takes a while, until the placenta is developed and the transport from mother's blood to baby's blood functions.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Nope not unless something is wrong. You will get one at 18 or 20 weeks and they will tell you the gender I you want, and maybe one before your due around 38 weeks for size and position o the baby

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    No, not unless you are high risk. There is no reason to otherwise. My doctor's low risk patients got them at their first visit. Then at around 20 weeks and then depending on their insurance at around 36 weeks.

    I got many more but I was high risk and it was necessary to do them every 3 weeks.

  • Kelsey
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    1 decade ago

    No, they usually only do 2-3 ultrasounds throughout your pregnancy, unless your high risk.

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    no you get just a few through your pregnancy.

    i got one at 5 weeks to confirm the pregnancy, then i got one at 10 weeks, at 20 weeks, 28, and 37. my doctor did more than most doctors do though.

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    No you will not get them every month I think the insurance only covers two some only cover one.The only way you get one every month is you are high risk

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    It depends on your insurance... i have got one every single time i been to the doctor's office.

    Source(s): 20 weeks pregnant with my baby girl
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