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why do you care about michael jackson now?

you all are hypocrites. way before he died everyone was like, oooh michael jackson is a pedo who touches little boys blah blah blah. i was never like that, though i never even cared about him. why is it such a big deal now that he's dead? i know not ALL of you were like that it's just a lot of kids i knew were. they made all these mean jokes about him and i was like dude that's getting so old just stop. and now he's dead and it's all over the news, even after a month. i'm getting so sick of it!!

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    I never called Michael Jackson a pedophile. And when I was younger I listened to a lot of his music because my parents didn't want me listening to the stuff my classmates did. I have always been a fan, like many others. I think most people are trying to honor him, which is a good thing. Whether or not people liked him before or after he died, it's a good thing people are remembering him and paying tribute. I do wish the media would stop posting the more personal things about him. Like pictures of him using drugs. I did not need to see that.

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    I never really gave him a whole lot of thought before. I mean yeah I loved Thriller, and I knew he was talented and a great dancer and all, but the name "Michael Jackson" became one of those things that everyone would automatically think pedophile, or freak, or something and really think much about it. Kinda like Tom Cruise and Scientology. Maybe when Tom Cruise dies everyone will do the same thing. When MJ died I went and listened to his music and really liked it. Then I started thinking about what everyone said about him and realized none of it was true. He didn't just bleach his skin because he hated being black, he had a skin disease. And he didn't molest little kids, the kid accused him to get money. I guess people never realize the truth until it's too late, then decide to get interested. I guess technically I'm one of the "hypocrites" because I'm not his number one fan, but I always stick up for him when people say something bad and set them right when they have the facts wrong. I just feel like he needs some respect, and it doesn't really matter who gives it to him as long as he gets it, right?

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    omg. you have no idea. do NOT say you are ALL a bunch of hypocrites! i was never ever ever like that and i never will! the people that hated him said that and they still do and they say wrong things and make jokes. none of his fans would ever THINK of doing such. its a big deal BECAUSE hes dead. hes gone. so we are gonna love him as much as we can and give him and his family all the support and care that we can! ugghhh. i love michael and i know a lot of kids that do too and we never made fun of him. thats mean. i wouldnt make fun of anyone i dont know!

    rip mj <3

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    So I'll admit I didn't really care about Michael to much until this year

    But yes I still cared about him prior to his death

    Even when I wasn't a big fan of his I always thought his music was good and I never thought he was a pedophile

    I never thought the Jokes about him were funny

    You can't say everyone who became a fan of his after his death use to call him a pedophile

    That's like saying all people like you who aren't big fans of MJ think he was a pedophile

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    Generalizing much?

    how do you know everyone on here only became a fan when he died?

    sorry that i am not older than thirty but that does not mean i started loving him after his death, some of us have been fans since were little

    i was born in the BAD era and listened to him since i was 6 years old since Dangerous was really popular then

    childhood memories of HIStory and blood on the dance floor in 1995-1997 are there, cuz we listened to and watched his videos and songs on the TV, it was hard not to like him since he was so incredibly popular in the late 80's early 90's when i was growing up

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    I know it's like people still like to crucify people (with their words) then when they die all of a sudden everyone especially the media start saying how great they were and that he is the king of pop and what have you.Some of these people are young too they weren't even around when Michael was making music and there like all sorry and that.

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    Well those kids you knew were hypocrites. They'll latch on to the next big thing eventually.

    Who cares they suck anyway.

    True MJ fans are here to stay.=D

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    Yeah the TV guide channel is driving me CRAZY!!!

    But even if I don't like a person much I wouldn't want them dead?

    Especially someone who has young children. Thats just sad.

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    People make lots of mistakes, it's all in "Human Nature" ;) To any new fans, Michael was all about love. I'm sure he would forgive them!

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    i never thought he was weird or anything i loved his music, i think it's the media that are all hypocrites, months before he died the headlines said "wacko jacko" and now they say "you will be missed" i think it's the media

    Source(s): rip michael jackson<3 :(
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