My boyfriend and I want to get engagedd, and we're 14..?

Is it okay to get engaged at 14?

i reallly love him, and he really loves me.

i honstley do think he is the one.

i have dated other people and have never felt the way i do now

we want to get engaged now, and then get married when we turn 18.

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    Awww of course it is, just becarefull I had a great bf when I was 14 and we wanted to get engaged and one day he cheated on me:( I hope you relationship lasts a really long time, good luck hunny!

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    okay, this is too cute. But unfortunately, you both are way too young to even think about marriage. You two probably won't even like each other by the time you're 18. lol Engagement is not something to take lightly, neither is marriage. It comes with TONS of responsibility. You two need to wait. DO your parents know about this?? If not, you need to talk to them about it first. Spend time with older couples that are engaged and married. It's nothing to play with.

    And furthermore, neither of you can even afford a RING right now, you can't even get a job at 14. A ring pop does not count. LOL WAIT CHILDREN WAIT.

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    True love? At FOURTEEN? Give me a break.

    Date. See what happens. If you last until it's legal to marry, then awesome. But getting into something like being engaged, then having to split up because of who knows what will only crush you and break your heart. Don't submit yourself to that kind of torture and torment if things take a turn for the worst.

    Having to wait will make it all the more passionate. =]

    Keep him near and don't let him do anything he shouldn't. Hormones hit guys pretty hard sometimes. Just make sure he keeps his hands where he should and don't do anything you'll regret.

    Hope you make it through the next four years and make absolute certain that it's real. =D

  • You're only 14 and still have a long time to mature into the woman you're going to become. Just wait until you're 18 and see what happens from there. If you're going to be together forever..then waiting four more years to get engaged wouldn't make much of a difference.

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  • 1 decade ago

    You are way too young to know what you want and don't even know what the world holds for you. For Heaven's sake, do not tie yourself down at such a young age! You think it's love because of how it makes you feel. It's not - it's just a crush. You should date others even into college. Don't even think about getting engaged/married until you're at least 23. Please. The wait will be well worth it!

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    1 decade ago

    Exchange promise rings now and get engaged when you are older. Check out the MTV series "16 and Pregnant." A lot of teenagers get engaged but they usually don't get married.

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    I know it feels like everyone else's relationships dont work out and u KNOW u can prove them wrong...but honestly **** happens.

    i felt the same way as u when i was your age with my boyfriend i went out with for a long time....but things really do happen. you grow up and mature and realize that you need to think about alot of stuff. and college can seriously mess up your plans can parents. dont put yourself through something like this. i know you guys think u can make it forever but please wait until your seventeen to get engaged and then wait a year to get married. engaged people need to go through marriage classes throughout their whole engagement and u cant do that because noone will let you but you still need these classes and advice. so please just wait..if you think he is the one enjoy your childhood with him and then grow up with him. you will enjoy the memories where everything wasnt so serios.

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    1 decade ago

    You think you guys are in love, but when times gets hard...those feelings may waver.

    I think you two are deluded. I thought I loved a guy (for 8 years), but then I SAW (not met) other guys and I instantly fell out of love.

    You're 14. There's more to come in life.

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    I say go ahead and do it. Long engagements are good. You're giving yourself four years to determine if you're truly compatible. Don't rush into anything permanent. You're young and you're both going to change in the next several years. Be ready to handle that. I wish you luck.

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    How do you know he's the one if your only 14 years old and probably haven't dated many guys like at all. You haven't really experienced the world yet so why would you wanna marry. good luck with that hun

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