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Question about neck surgery for mixed martial artist and BJJ practioners?

I recently underwent an anterior cervical disectomy with fusion on my c5-6 and c6-7. Do you know of anyone who's had this surgery and returned to training.

Obviously I'm done with competing, and my Doctor has said no sparring (apparently getting punched in the head is a bad thing), but he is very noncommittal about me returning to BJJ. Once again my question is just do you know anyone who's had 2 levels of their neck fused and returned to training. I'm not planning on rushing back into training or working out until my doc clears me regardless.

Additionally, no disrespect intended, but traditional MA's need not respond to this post, because I don't care if I could practice karate, just the activity I enjoy.

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    There was a guy at my club who used to train in bjj and he also suffered a neck injury, had to have two levels of his neck fused together and could not continue to train. His doctor said it would be okay for him to continue with some light training but he found even the light training to be very painful. I guess it just comes down to the person and their pain tolerance, I do hope you are able to return to your training. If it matters, he was 27. If you're younger you might be luckier and be able to get back into it

  • my MMA/Kickboxing teacher (one of the best women bjj black belts in america) Cindy hales had some sort of major neck injury and she is currently looking for another pro fight...

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