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feedback on todays pictures?

just took a few more pictures today and want some feedback. maybe im getting better maybe not. i asked earlier today and i took the criticism and tried to use what those people told me to do. hopefully it helped plz remember im new at this. not very good yet and i dont have a very good camera.


i think im doing a pretty good job for someone who just recently realized this new talent. im trying very hard to please a lot of people it seems like. im happy with what i do. thats all that matters

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    Oh boy - I bet you are another poster on here who dislikes me because of my comments by now.

    I am not going to comment on your new batch except to say that you seem to be trying to improve.


    Rather than keep coming back here every few hours with a new batch, why not go away for a couple of weeks. Put some of what you have been told into practice, get a couple of books on photography and read them and look at sites such as and look at how the shots on there are composed and exposed.

    Whilst doing all this also go out and take photos.

    Then come back with your best half dozen and ask for critiques again.

    Also, your additional details, don't try and please everyone - you won't and if you are happy with what you do and that is all that matters to you then why bother asking for feedback?

    Unless you are doing this professionally or hope to in the future, then surely, if you are happy with your shots, that is all that matters and nothing anyone here says will make much difference anyway.

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    Pretty dog. Get down on her level and focus on the eyes. Also try to get the whole head in the shot, the left ear is cropped.

    Your landscapes are being shot at the wrong time of day. Also dappled sun/shade is hard to capture because of the dynamic range. Better to shoot early or late in the day. Also you are using portrait format (the picture is vertical) rather than landscape, which is horizontal. Vertical can suit a landscape, depending on the composition and subject, but usually fence lines call for landscape format (horizontal) You have a pretty fence line in two of yours. Visit those places again in late afternoon, a couple of hours before sunset. Try different compositions. Get lower to the ground and include some foreground. Straighten your horizons.

    The last one is not bad. The horizon is crooked, and the subject is in the shade, while the rest of the image is in bright sun. The exposure is lucky considering the light difference between sun and shade. This would have been a good time to use your flash to even the exposure a bit. Also use flash in outdoor portraits in harsh sun to reduce shadows under the eyes.

    I hope you will find something of help in these critiques you are requesting, and I hope you will put these suggestions to use and begin learning about photography on your own. Joining a local club or group is a better way to get real feedback than asking a bunch of strangers here in Y!A what they think. There are gushers who think every mediocre snapshot is amazing, and in fact I see you have picked one as best answer in a previous question. Which is fine, it's your question after all. Just realize that many of the answers you receive come from teens who don't know any more about photography than you do. The question is, do you want to learn and improve, or do you just want to hear how amazing your pictures are? I hope (and think) that you would rather learn.

    Here is my favorite link for new photographers:

    Have a visit there and begin learning about the whole of photography, both the technical and artistic sides. Then continue to learn and practice. It is true that you only have to please yourself in your hobby, and I admire that trait of being secure and satisfied. If you were really all that pleased, would you be here asking for feedback? Perhaps, but there is always room to learn and grow. I have been doing so for over 30 years now, and am still enjoying the journey. Best wishes and happy shooting!

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    Personal opinion, it sis a bit dry and lacks focus on subjects. Personally, I don;t really like landscapes, I find them boring no matter how beautifully it was taken. I prefer people and odd things. That's just me.

    Good job yes, why do you sound so insecure about it? If you like your pictures, good for you. Doesn't matter what people think about it. Photography is the art of expressing yourself.

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    Your ideas are there but you need to learn compostion. i know what you are trying to capture but i don't think you know how to compose it yet. But the dog is a good shot.

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    keep on working on it and you wil get better. im not really impressed with them but it doesnt mean you dont have the talent

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