My friend officially came out to me.?

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To shorten this I recently discovered my best friend is gay. (see link) I was surprised by this but I am totally fine with it. What I am asking about now is that he keeps insisting we can't be friends now. I've know him since were eleven and he suddenly says that I am staying friends with him out of pity and that he is so pathetic. when i insisted it wasn't true he said I was just being nice and told me to go. In the last nine years I've never seen him be so self defacing. I would really like any ideas on how to handle this its difficult but I really do love him, he is my only family maybe not by blood but still.



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    1 decade ago
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    ask him "is that waht you really think of me?" he is makng u out to be a total asshole, and your obivously not. tell him that if he thinks that ur the type of person to abaondon a friend over that,e vne though u told him its ok - then hes not a real friend anywy becuase he obviously doesnt know you at all

    i think he will get with the program after this

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    Maybe he has feelings for you, and that's why he is staying away from you. So he cant hurt himself or you.

    Tell him that he can trust you and that he's still your bestfriend and give him some time.

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