Recurring Dream......? Help!?

I keep having a dream about my husband's friend. In each dream so far, we just spend time together and sometimes end up making out. He has mentioned several times to myself and my husband that he thinks I am attractive and jokes with my hubby about trying to get with me....He is also married......I know this is crazy, everytime I see or think about him I get me!


He also lives down the street from us, and works with my I see him basically everyday...

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    I assume you don't need help interpreting those dreams. It seems that it is obvious to you that you are attracted to this guy even though you don't want to be attracted.

    It is very very easy to be attracted to someone else when you have been married for a while. I think that is because we need to know that we are still attractive to other people besides our spouse. We start to take our spouse's attraction to us for granted, and so we start to feel like we are just spending our whole lives with only one man and having no adventures.

    This guy tells you he thinks you are attractive, and flirts with you right in front of your husband. Heaven knows if he really means is or if it is just his way of being friendly and polite. But the fact that you said "Ugh " about yourself tells me that you don't really want to act on his flirtations and your attraction.

    It doesn't need any more than a few subconscious desires for someone besides your spouse to give you those kinds of dreams. Good luck with killing those butterflies.

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