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I'm pregnant- my DH wants TONS of sex, and I dont?

Before I got pregnant, he had a hard time prying ME off him. He had a completely normal drive for a young male, but mine was through the roof! Now that I'm just over 2 months pregnant with our first, he wants me 1 to 3 times every day, and WOW, he wants it BAD! I usually just go with it and enjoy it even though I don't feel so good (and sometimes don't even want to). I know I'm blessed that he's so romantic, attracted, and positive- I'm thankful to have this, rather than feeling bad about myself if he didn't want it, but secretly it's still a little annoying. No big though, I was just wondering: Being pregnant, am I emitting something, because I really can't beat him off with a stick!

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    TRUST ME--my husband was the same way at first. Well he left for deployment in my third month but before he left, I just wanted to sleep and relax since I felt like crap sometimes but men think that pregnant sex is the best sex ever. I'm not sure what changes for them, but my husband told me that since I was pregnant it was just so much better for him. Your sex drive should return in the 4th month sometime, as most women's do after the sickness and tiredness go away somewhat.

  • I guess your silly butt forgot i was connected to your QnA profile... Well then. I'm flattered you wrote about me, "darling". I must say, reading these lovely answers has taught me a lot. Perhaps it IS your glow. You just look better than ever to me. You're warmer, softer. Its like reverse-aging in the works, plus baby factory! Face it, you're amazing. You feel awesom-er in every way and yes, I cannot keep my hands off of you. I think the sex is better on both ends as well. I know your body language, and it gives a very NON-subliminal thumbs up to the recent encounters (harhar). Now IF you're too sick, I fully undersand, but I'm still holding my gut laughing at the fact that you wrote this. Silly lady ^_^

    Your bew,


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    My husband is always like that. It's funny you think of it as romantic, I think of it as perverted & annoying. BUT I do find it nice he is so attracted to me & of course I call him perverted & annoying w/ love! I should try changing my outlook of it. I totally lost my sex drive during pregnancy. I was very anemic & that will do it to you as well. It was horrible, I felt so bad for him but even feeling bad, I just couldn't bring myself to do it. We probably had sex about 4 times during the whole pregnancy. & by the time I got to the point where you are supposed to enjoy sex during pregnancy, the whole idea of doing it & feeling my baby move totally weirded me out & I just couldn't do it. No matter what I tried I could not get in the mood after feeling my son kicking me. I was too much in mommy mode to be in sexy mode.

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    im 25 weeks with my second and this time, just like last time i have NO sex drive what so ever. Not even now im in my second trimester. We have sex MAYBE once a week and for me its not even that great. My partner tries it on all the time and it really pisses me off, because he knows how im feeling and still keeps pestering me for it

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    I wish I had that problem! When I was pregnant I felt great. I always wanted to have sex, but He didn't want to. For some reason me being pregnant scared him....idk. I don't know some men find pregnant women sexy & beautiful. Maybe you have that radiant glow that some pregnant women have. Good luck on your family.

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    ive just been turned off sex since the start.. i am tired, always nauseous, and always uncomfortable.. its the last thing on my mind..

    im 38 weeks preg and i dno't feel very attractive.. i have stretch marks and i feel like a whale.. so i am not feeling overly sexy at the moment..

    im sure ill return to normal once ive had the baby.. but not everyone gets a sex drive

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    Trust me when I say this, when your morning sickness is over he won't be able to beat you off with a stick. And he'll be here asking the same question about you. Speak to him about his constant need and you should be able to come to some kind of understanding.

  • ha i know how you feel my bf and i used to have a great sex life then i got morning sickness and now that thats past i just dont have any interest or energy for it

    im 12 weeks and im hoping it'll get better further along though

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    I'm 10 weeks and I feel nauseous so often, sex doesn't sound fun. If your not in the mood just tell him you feel sick

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    most likely in the 2nd trimester some time your sex drive will come back FULL THROTTLE

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