my son used baby basics wipes and has gotten a severe rash on his testicles where its really hard and burns.?

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    i would never use has a disgusting fragrance that is just going to make things worse. i love aveeno baby products as they're fragrance-free. they have a great diaper creme that we use almost every diaper change and have yet to have a rash. it's important to let baby have some naked time too, to help keep the area dry. i would definitely suggest switching wipe brands. i don't like the pampers, because they're flimsy and expensive and are too wet. i like the unscented huggies wipes. they hold up well and have just enough moisture in them that baby's skin dries before you get the diaper on. good luck and hopefully it clears up soon!

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    Poor little guy! Desitin should clear it up quickly but if you don't have that handy than Vaseline should help too. Don't use those wipes anymore. We use mostly cloth wipes but when we do use disposable ones we pick the natural hypoallergenic because our son gets rashes easily. Hope you little man feels better soon!

    Source(s): Mommy to 6 month old cutie Dylan :)
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    i think he may be allergic. try to get Huggies natural care baby wipes. they are unscented. or you can try some organic wipes. personally, i would also try cloth diapers. they are expensive in the beginning, but well worth diaper rash and it saves on expensive store bought disposable diapers. i would also suggest that you use everything unscented and dye free because he may have really sensitive skin, if is still worth it. better safe than sorry, right?

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    oww!! poor baby get some desitin on it right away to ease the burn then corn starch for the redness tomorrow morning i would call the pediatrician then get some baby wipes specially for sensitive skin pampers makes some out of real cotton they're expensive though but definitely don't use those again

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    use desitin or balmex there the best out there and keep the diaper off for like 15mins with the cream on it each time you change his diaper. if it doesnt clear up with in 24 hours go to the doctor they will prescribe a stronger cream.

    Source(s): had my shares of poor rashes with my son too
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    he is allergic to an ingredient in more then likely should not use them again..try an all natural wipe that does not have the harsh chemicals in them...try soem benadryl for the rash

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    my son had some rash on his legs and i used white petroleum and it cleared up in couple hours and try some organic wipes

  • you should start using cloth wet with water to clean his bum for a few days, after you clean it let the area air dry, then apply hydrocortisone cream. you should use a&d most diaper changes and hydrocortisone 1-3 changes a day.

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