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Capricorns are you being told that you are emotionally strong?

it just crossed my mind cuz my boyfriend told me that i am emotionally too strong. i hear that all the time from my family members and also from ex's when i was in relationship with them. are you being given such comments?

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    "Stubborn" and "stoic" are words that only have a bad connotation to people who are naturally biased against such people.

    Yes, I get that all the time, and it's a compliment, and meant as such from the people who know me best.

    I AM emotionally strong. It is part of what my training has required of me, and I'm rather proud that I don't break down at every opportunity, allow emotions to overule my logic, and that I'm capable of withstanding traumatic events that would leave others in shambles. That essentially means that I can be depended upon in terrible situations where others are shrieking and wailing and panicking.

    It doesn't mean that a person is cold and has no emotions at all, and that's what a lot of misinformed people wrongly imply. It also does not mean that we cannot be passionate or spontaneous. Its simply a matter of choosing not to overreact when everyone else in modern society shows no restraint and lives in a virtual state of hyperbole.

    Thank God there are people like you: you can find people like you in emergency services saving lives, in the ministry dealing with the emotional pain of death, in the military fighting for the weak, and in other places in life that require the "stoic" disposition that others mock.

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    always, we can handle anything, and little shocks us.

    we have enough issues/obstacles in our life that we have learnt how to be and thus are very strong

    especially with all the responsibility thats laid down on us - we have to be, someone has to carry other people

    but this strongness can be misread as being cold. ,

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    Honestly all my Capricorn friends are that way.

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    Sounds like a euphemism for 'stubborn' or 'stoic' to me.

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