My 5mth old likes to sleep on her tummy.?

I have a 5mth old who sleeps a lot better when she is on her tummy. My son who is now 3yrs old at 2-1/2mths was sleeping through the whole night and the only way i can get her to is to put her on her tummy. She has good head control but is not able to roll over. Should I continue to let her sleep on her belly?

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    she's 5 months?? I don't see the problem. Will probably get a thumbs down but i have been letting my son sleep on his belly since about 2 months and have great sleep ever since! never a problem.

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    The only reason why they say to put on their backs is because dumb people have killed babies before by laying them down face straight on the mattress. My daughter slept on her tummy since she was born and would not have it any other way. A safe way if you do choose this is by dressing her warmly [if even nessesary right now!] & taking sheets and stuffed animals out so she has an empty bed, since she cant move much you dont want something to accidentaly end up over her face that she cant figure a way out of. If she has good head control then she will probably turn her head a few times while shes sleeping, but if she ends up face down on the mattress she wont leave it there, she will just turn it to one side or the other.

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    Its only safe when they can roll completely from their back to their tummy. Just make sure the sheet is snug in the crib and no blankets or stuffed animals to suffocate him. Once they can roll like that they usually do it even if you don't want them to anyways.

    If she can't roll from her back to her tummy, don't let her. But if she can, its ok, just watch her.

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    nope. you should not. unless you're okay with upping her risk of dying in her sleep. babies should never be put to sleep on their tummies. if, once they can roll confidently, they end up rolling on their tummies, that's at least better, but even then they must be put to sleep on their backs. the risk of sids is just too high until they can roll over, and even then it's a risk until they're over a year old. it's up to you, i know for sure i wouldn't want to walk in on a dead baby...

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    i'm a company believer in eat, play sleep. meaning, during the day whilst feeding my son, i could feed him, and then after a feeding i could save him up enjoying for no less than quarter-hour, no falling asleep on the boob or bottle in any respect, and staying up for no less than quarter-hour after eating. He could sleep longer during the day. At evening, whilst he could awaken to eat i could feed him and then placed him back to sleep, ideal away, no enjoying. The longer i could save him up during the day, the greater he could sleep interior the evening. there's a e book spoke of as Babywise, a great style of folk do unlike this e book, and that i individually did no longer like their strict scheduling the two, yet I did like their concept-approximately eat sleep play, which I used and it does artwork, yet i'm no longer into the stern scheduling.

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    head control is all she needs. she doesnt need to roll over as long as she can move her head around so she doesnt just lay face down.

    my son has been sleeping on his belly since 2 months...only way he'll sleep. hes got really good head control and ive never seen any problems with it. i'd do whatever works. =]

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    my 4 mo. has been doing this for the past few weeks... I was concerened and had asked a similar question awhile back... I think its fine that's the way they are comfortable there is nothing I can do and I figure he rolls himself that way so what am I to do, he wiggles out of the sleep positioner so we took that out of the crib...

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    Your doctor would tell you no but how many times have they gone back and forth about sleeping. For a few years they should be on their backs and all of a sudden they should be on their stomachs. It is really up to you.

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    of course. it is just the way she is most comfortable. the only way I can sleep was on my side rolled up ever since I was around that age and I am perfectly healthy

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