He said "She's like a sister."?

I first met my friend back in college 3 years ago. I hung out with him and my other friends often. I ended up going to a different college for my second and now third year of school. Starting in June we began texting each other constantly. I work a night shift at a hotel and he stays up all night texting me and talking with me on the phone. He says he stays awake because he plays WOW(World of Warcraft) and can talk to me. My parents went out of town a week ago and me and my sister threw a party. I invited him to come and with no hesitation he said yes. We all hung out and had a great time. He went with me and my friends to a convention this past weekend. During the time of the convention my twin sister managed to talk to him. She asked him about me and he said I was more like a sister to him. She asked him what he is looking for in a girl and my sister said he basically described me in a nutshell. I just got back from dropping him off at his house and he literally just texted me to see if I made it to work on time. We stayed in a hotel for the convention and one of my other friends stayed with us. When I woke up in the morning I woke my friend up and then woke him up. He was trying to stay sleeping so I tried to grab his pillow away (in a fun way). He turned to me and in a joking kind of way said " You want this pillow because I slept on it and it smells like me." Yea... it was totally part of it but I played it off only as if my intent was to wake him up.

He teases me all the time and and even my friends think he likes me. The only thing is he said I was more like a sister to him. I really really like him and don't know if he really likes me, or if he truely sees me as like his sister. I'm scared to ask him and then find out he just wants be friends. It would be akward. I don't want to ruin our friendship.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    i did tht once 2 i ended up dating him it was great but then he broke up with me and we never talk anymore even though he said we could b friends

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