Why did the assassination of John Lennon even occur?

I don't know, was Mark David Chapman in on something, or was he just f*cking crazy? Truth of the matter is, is that John Lennon did not deserve to die, he was a very peaceful man and his legacy will live on through his music and protests.

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    Murder is often inexplicable. Throughout history there have been people who, for various reasons, believed that someone needed to die and sought to kill them. Cain and Able began a trend, in that sense, and the presence or absence of particular weapons doesn't change the fact that murder is part of the human experience.

    I agree with you that that Mr. Lennon's killer was deranged (i.e.- f*cking crazy) and that his death was pointless. It is also true that his legacy survives in his music.

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    I think f*cking crazy is a fairly good way of putting it. He was obsessed with John Lennon and somehow felt that killing him was an act of devotion. For John Lennon's part some of his songs kind of catered to sick minds and in a sense may have caused a fatal attraction between himself and mentally unbalanced fans. He wrote "Happiness is a Warm Gun" and "Maxwell's Silver Hammer" after all.

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    Robert Kennedy, for the civil suitable act Ghandi, for coming up non violent resistence Medger evers, civil rights activist, James Chaney, 21 three hundred and sixty 5 days old civil rights worker, Andrew Goodman and Michael Schverner, center organizers murdered in Mississippi, Malcolm X, reality seeker and black civil rights author, 4 ladies killed in thew bombing of a black church, Sept 15, 1964. Civil rights have been reported, as properly as non violent disobedience, in that church. Watts riots - 34 shot lifeless in l. a.. 1969 Edwin Pratt, director of Seattle city League shot lifeless The record of those i won't be able to think of of might desire to be longer.

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    The assassination of John Lennon occurred because in the US any disturbed and or disgruntled person can buy a gun due to the members of a large political party being unable to recognize a subordinate clause in the Second Amendment to the Constitution.

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