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Tips for cutting bangs?

My mom is going to cut my hair & i want my bangs to be shorter than the rest of my hair. right now, my bangs are almost the same length as my hair.

I want my bangs to be like this:

Any tips on how to do it? I'm sure she knows, but tips?(:

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    First, make sure your hair is wet. All of it, not just your bangs. Part it how you would normally, and pull the section of hair forward that you want to make into bangs with a comb.

    Then, hold them out with the comb and put the scissors at the approximate length you would like them to be. Remember, always go a little longer because hair drys shorter than it looks. cut it straight across, blunt.

    Then, pull the other hair back so you have just the bangs. Part the bangs how you would wear them down. Take your scissors and start making upward cuts from the bottom of the hair. That gives it defintion and layers so it doesn't look blunt.

    Then angle the scissors down from the bottom of your eyebrow, to the bottom of your cheek bone, now cut.

    Then do the upward cutting thing again, and viola! you have sideswept bangs like in the picture :D

    You might have to do little alterations when you dry them, but its no big deal.

    answer mine? :D

    Source(s): I cut my own hair.
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    Be forewarned, if you cut your hair and you make a mistake, you can't go back and correct it. The damage has already been done. If you cut bangs wrong, it will show immediately! Why don't you go to a salon. They should not charge you a full haircut price for just bangs. Some salons will do it for free. Please don't be a cheapskate and take the risk of doing it yourself!

  • you have to first wet your bangs

    then separate them into two sections ( one is going to be shorter)

    first cut the section that is going to be longer to the correct length then feather it (cut straaight up in to hair a little )

    then do top layer same way

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