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Weird red ring problem?

First it got that e74 virus thing and i just turned it off unplugged everything and let it sit for a few hours. i turned it back on and it had no red or green rings(just the power icon in the middle)and i let it sit while it was on and it suddenly caught the e74 virus thing again. i turned it off again and it was once again blank(no green or red rings). and by the way when it has the "blank" rings there is nothing on the screen either(just my blank tv screen). whats going on?


ok nevermind the problem is this stupid ***** av cable that i bought from gamestop. i disconnected it and the ring was gone and once i plugged it back in the ring was back with the whole e74 description screen. now my real question is should i just buy a MICROSOFT(not generic but microsoft)HDMI or microsoft av component cable. my tv is 54" 720p hd and i broke my old microsoft av cable(Thats why i bought the ****** gamestop cable) and ive heard before that the hdmi is not as good on a 720p tv. which do i get?

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    yeah the ones from gamestop dont work very well.. i bought one before and it didnt even work on the xbox.. i would just stick with the one that you have heard is best, the 720p tv, hdmi is supposedly amazing, but if you heard the other one was better, get it

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    You have cracked solder joints under your GPU. Call microsoft 1-800-4MY-XBOX and tell them about the E74, it is covered under their 3 year warranty.

  • go to you tube and type red ring of death

    your welcome!

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