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is it better to stand up your xbox 360 or lay it down?

Ive heard it was bad to stand it up...

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    If you have it standing up, you have a better chance of knocking the 360 over because when it's vertical, it has few areas of contact and the center of mass is raised so it's easier to tip it over. But the upside is that since fewer areas are in contact with anything, it's better for cooling.

    Personally, I don't think it matters how you stand it. I've had it horizontal and vertical, and nothing happened.

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    Its not "Bad" to stand up.

    I Would say its Safer for The Xbox 360 to Stay flat, as the Center of Gravity is closer to the Ground, thus making it harder for the system to tip over and damage the game inside it, or the system itself.

    Some people have told me that Standing the Xbox 360 upright can increase the chance of the system overheating, due to the CPU's location at the bottom of the unit, (standing up,) but I am not sure if its completely true

    In Short, its better to Lay the Xbox 360 Flat.

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    i think u should lay it down. keeping it up could fall and hav some damage 2 ur games and ur system. i was playing guitar hero and it was standing up and when my cuz accidently hit it and it was on the ground standing up it fell and i heard a loud noise. when i took it out the cd had a huge round circular scratch on it and now it doesnt work but the x-box does.....hope i helped..bye

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    well standing it up has a better possiblity that the cd inside may fall outta place and get ruined.

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    It doesn't matter.

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