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Help me with girl troubles?short story?

So theres this girl that i met during a 1 month college program in buffalo. We didnt talk that much till now when we got out(im in nyc), she wanted to webcam with me. So we chatted on webcam for like 5-6 hours and she texts me alot.

Now i find her attractive to the point i want to ask her out, she keeps asking if i ever liked this girl from the program and thinks i value her more than her. Im trying to see if she feels the same way but i cant, we have been talking for 3 days. Now she calls me bff as of recent BUT I dont want that. Its only recent she calls me that so I want to avoid the friendship zone now!

by text alot i mean she texts if im awake in the morning yet. And she asks me to stay up awake with her on webcam/stay online for her.

Does she like me or no?


should i stop being nice andbe more of jerk

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    lol..ooohhhhhh ya she likes you dude...she's making it really obvious too, it seems she likes you a two must really connect..either that or she's a really lonely person lol..but i doubt that..but the question is, how would the relationship work if you like her too?..well hope i helped XD

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    With all the communication that's going on I'm gonna say yess o.o

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    yes, she likes you alot!!

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