cool army jobs for officers?

hey right now im in rotc at UCF and im just mowing over what jobs are cool to do in the army for officers. well for starters im not a war buff, dont get me wrong if my nation needs me ill led my men with my sword and shield into the devils playground...but im not going to volunteer so nothing with infantry, or MP, etc....i want a job were i can travel a lot like to italy, germany, hawaii, etc this guy told me supply but that doesnt sound too great any ideas??? i was thinking maybe somewhere in the finance branch i mean in every branch dont they need somebody mathmatically keeping track of things?

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  • Curt J
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    1 decade ago
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    Hopefully you are joking about being in college and ROTC, because were I still in the Army and ran into an officer with your spelling ability and attitude, I'd laugh my @ss off.

    Do you seriously believe the Army is going to assign you some cushy job, in some resort-laden place and then pay you to be and do NOTHING?

    Unless you can manage to graduate in the top 10% of your ROTC class, assuming you're even in ROTC, your branch will be decided by the Army, not you, as will your first assignment out of branch school.

    Sorry to burst your little bubble kid, but you need to do some serious growing up if your actually think you'll make any kind of officer, other than one who is constantly laughed at.

    Source(s): Curt Jones SFC, USA Retired
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    From what I know, infantry positions are actually very hard to get in ROTC, mainly because too many people wants it and there aren't enough infantry slots for officers, so you are in luck. On the other hand from what you've written, finance, they call it acquisition I believe, should be a fairly normal job with steady hours, but travel probably not as much as the majority of other positions but I'm not so sure. But you should look into public affairs, a friend of mine in army rotc told me that the army has a huge public affairs department/group, you get to travel and they'll train you as a journalist, photographer, graphic designer, sound engineer, and the best part is that it'll all translate to a civilian job after you get out. But no matter what you do for your job, there will always be the possibility that you will called to do infantry and other jobs as they do alot of "crossovers," so always be ready. I said public affairs because most people never heard of that when they think about army jobs, even though it's a big part of the army and it's important, too. Other cool jobs includes pilot, linguist, crew chief, and they always need people with good mathematical skills since you mentioned mathematics, but really I think you will get to travel with just about any job, the difference is probably very little. Good luck!

    I would like to add: no matter what you shoot for, try to get the highest GPA, fitness scores, and what not, the better your standings, the more choices you will have. You do get to choose a branch that you wish to get in, but since there are limited slots for every position, be prepared to compete for it. Naturally infantry requires a very high ranking because it is very popular, but you don't have to choose infantry. Hope this helps my friend.

    Source(s): current AFROTC cadet, friends in army rotc
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    As the meaning of cool, something that does not strain your menial resources.

    you need to buckle down. All army officers end-up in the war zone some time.

    Source(s): SFC...USARR...ADA/Cav.
  • Dawna
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    if you love camping (without a tent) and love playing in the dirt, but don't want to carry a lot of gear all the time, I found being on the Abrams tanks to be a lot of fun, and pretty damn cool. But that's just my opinion

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