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Upset by sister-in-law?

My sister-in-law is giving me trouble by trying to pretend to be me (I think) and saying vicious things to people on the internet. This is an adult woman and she has caused me so much grief I've needed to seek medical help. When I've asked my brother to stop her...he hangs up on me! I've tried to convince some people it's not me(sending the messages) but some still seem skeptical and she sends things to people from my church and places I frequent. How can I stop this! She is hurting other people too because the stuff is so mean.

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    wow she needs to grow the f*ck up and so does your brother...i would call the police as this is a case of identity fraud.

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    She is your sister in law but she is crossing the line.. if you have asked her to stop and she has not stopped then i suggest you involve the POLICE. cos next time she will do something bigger and you will get blamed for it... Put an end to this..

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    If your computer smart , get her to invite you and your partner around her house for dinner. Ask to use her computer and get the proof u need to show what she has been doing. All computers have history.

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