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What's the point of life?

After much thought due to being really down today (pretty much always but...) and I really do not see much of a point in life.

So you get up to go to work, spending 8 hours a day five days a week (average working schedule) and you come home to do what? TV? Games? Read? You spend considerable daylight working to pay for your continued existence.

So you have the weekends off. Ok then. What do you do? I myself don't get out much, anxiety and all. I sit at home and game in my depressed corner in darkness (I love dark rooms. Live alone so no one ever comments on it) I'm going to college soon; more school to hopefully get a better job so I can continue living a life each day that passes diminishes in quality. Each day is repetitive. A girlfriend wouldn't bring me joy (even if I could get one. I screwed up my life so much I'll never get one.) I don't want kids, so they wouldn't bring me joy. Going out brings me no joy. So I just sit at home reading, or staring at a computer/tv screen and thinking "So what does life offer? Not much." all the while waves of mass depressive pain radiates through me on a constant and consistent basis.

I can't even take refuge in relaxing sleep. I have nightmares of paranoia about family, strangers outdoors, a recent pet I lost that I deeply loved; lost of my own fault. And my sleep is restless because of a constant feeling something immensely horrible is going to happen to me; I wake up every now and then because of that. Or I oversleep and wake up feeling horrible for the rest of the day.

Anyone care to clarify exactly how life is worth living? I don't see much of a point in it anymore. Each day that passes, I further convince myself that life isn't worth it. You spend most of your life working anyway, just to live to work even more. Its not just about work though. Its about what life has to offer.

I'm a philosophical person, so I tend to question things. Unfortunately, I'm a very negative person so things I question tend to warp into darkness.

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    Well, philosophically speaking, what makes life worth living is seeking a meaning to our existence. while i am not a doctor or the worlds most advanced person, i have lived a very hard, depressing life myself. I was unloved as a child and went the wrong way as an adult. After much self reflection and thought as to "Just why am i here?" I have come to the conclusion we are put on this earth to love God, or the universal higher power and to help the people we love. Sounds weird, but when you think about it, on our last day it will not be our job we ask for, not our fancy house or car, it will be to have our loved ones around us, both human and pet. Life is worth living so that you may love and be loved. The whole job thing you described, yes it is true that in this country 8 to 10 hours day is spent working, sometimes just to pay the bills, but it does not have to be. You do not have to buy into the material life that you see everyone else buying into. You can live money free if you really wanted to. Freegan lifestyle (google it) live in a Rv like me, I do work, I am actually an advocate at a domestic violence shelter. I make NO money. Seriously, the guy who gives me my coffee makes more then me. But, I come and go as I please, i work as much or as little as i want and I do not follow the traditional path to monkey suits in an office or backroom for 50 hours a week. You need to also LOVE your work. You are thinking that it is difficult to go to work each day, and it can be but not if you truly LOVE your work. Then come home to people you truly LOVE and a pet you truly LOVE and it is OK. I live alone I never had kids, my parents are jerks, but I know the feeling of love. Oh, and by the way, how many underprivileged kids would love to say, "I am leaving for college soon" don't take those things for granted.

    You need some counseling first of all, maybe even some anti depression medication, I also am depressed, I sleep alot, no lights on, yada, yada, all of it, but i have enough self worth now, to keep it under control. I did take prozac for a year, it does help. But, I don't as a rule buy into the whole take a pill philosophy either. The feeling of something bad going to happen, yes, been there done that and so what? so what if it does? Live and go on each day. if something bad happens to me, so what? You either deal with it or it kills you. so what. bad things happen to people everyday.

    I questions things too everyday, every night, but you have to somehow learn to incorporate the power of positive thinking into your world. Good Luck

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    Take a break from your negativity. Too much of a good thing can be bad. Go do some stuff in the sun and around other peoples kids. Life is worth living if you make it that way. The simplest way to make life worth living is to just stop trying to make life worth living so hard. Fun is a key factor in having a life worth living. Just remember what you would do if you were a kid and go do it. How about this look on youtube for a music video by genki rockets called starline if that dont make you feel better youll have to ask wiser people then me.

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    Funny. I used to think the same way as you. I used to think to myself, i have already figured out life, its a sad world with so many obstacles and its not really worth living for. But one day i though to myself again and said, " If live has nothing to offer to me, then i might as well look for it". With that i learned that life has endless opportunities, but the problem is is that we dont realize it. You cant always expect for everything to come to your way. In this life we need to search for. We make our own meaning in life. You say you life has no meaning. Well thats because you dont try new things. You just sit at home around all day. Well what good is that going to bring you? Nothing, of course. Experiment a little. Go out. Hang with some friends(if you dont have very much, them make some at work, school). Look for a girlfriend( like i said experiment). You control your own life. God gave you free will. Now it is your choice to live it as much as you can before your time comes. Nothing is impossible or too hard to accomplish, it just takes will power.

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    Look at this way.

    You sulk, but why?

    Life's passing you by.

    Try to have fun. Go to a beach, try online dating, do something exciting. The meaning of life is to live. That's it, there's no secret.

    You need to go outside. Get a dog, there great companions! I love 'em!

    Life is meant to be lived, so start living. That's the truth. You need to open your eyes and see what your missing. It's all going to be gone way too soon.

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    Earth is a school. We are spiritual beings here to learn how to function at the next level. This has nothing to do with religion, which inhibits our lessons with dogma and misinformation.

    Always remember:

    - YOU are the most important being in YOUR life.

    - This life is only an illusion of what life is yet to become.

    - You are a student of The Great Universal School of Life.

    - Do your homework and life will be good to you.

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    all are great answers. but one thing i would suggest is read the secret from then u realize that life is all about endless opportunities and live it cuz tomorrow is never promised

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    Maybe the point of life is to figure out what the point of life is.

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    Life is meant to be lived how you want it to.

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