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Rabbit Starvation??????

For survival reasons people.......


I heard that you can avoid rabbit starvation by eating the bones, eyes, liver, heart, and brain?

is this true, if you ate nothing but rabbits?

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    Nope. You can't eat nothing but rabbits and survive. Most indigenous people who depend on rabbits as a staple of their diet must also consume other animals of higher fat content to supplement their diets with. Humans would not get enough fat from they eyes, liver, heart and brain of a rabbit, and they would be unable to digest the bones. Basically if you tried this you would need to eat at least the occasional fish or plenty of nuts anything really that had high fat content in it.

    Contrary to popular belief in todays society, fat is necessary for survival. In many indigenous groups the people consume as much as 80% saturated fat and 20% protein when it comes to their meat diets and in many of these groups heart disease and cancer are pretty much nonexistent. It's just when people consume to much fat for their exercise level that it becomes a problem.

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    .... ew, that's pretty gross

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