What in your experience as a believer, is the "valley of the shadow of death"?

The 23rd Psalm is a very popular one and one line speaks of "walking".. through a kind of valley, this valley is one of the shadow of something called death. I found it interesting that in our christian experience, this is not a path that we can "run"through, so often we want to hurry away from these kinds of experiences, but the Lord bids us "walk"...

Can you share, based on what you have gone through as a believer, how you have walked in the valley of the shadow of death, how the Lord has taught you not to fear any kind of evil because of His Presence being with you?

Thank you for sharing.

in Christ


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    Some one who is established in HIS righteousness ( Not self righteousness) is BOLD as lion.(Proverbs 28:1) Nothing to fear. No body is coming to your house to attack you or to kill you.

    Simply your views are challenged on Internet. by keen mind people. If that is making you fearful, well I say, it is a sure sign you're established in self righteousness NOT His righteousness. "Those who receive God's abundant provision of grace and of the gift of righteousness reign including over fear & persecution complex) in life through the one man, Jesus Christ.

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    I've always taken the "valley of the shadow of death" to be a metaphor for life. You don't run through life, walking is a much better description of living than running, and as someone else mentioned, Death is something we're all going to have to deal with at some stage. So to me it's fair to say that we all live our whole lives in the Valley of Death.

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    I was prophecies of one day being a great prophet by another prophet name abel brito...he told me that i would walk with the shadows before i saw the light...i didn't know what he meant, my faith has been tested for a long time now and i found myself starring at a mountain i could not move i wanted to turn around and give up, i still do, but when God calls us, we are destine to answer back, he will bring us through that mountian crossing the valley of death, where most believers die because they do not set their eyes on the light ahead of them, the light that is calling them but instead they concern themselves with the shadows around them, soon they become lost and are hard to find in all the darkness, the reason (i believe) we walk and not run through this valley is because when we first enter we carry a light with us (the word of God) and any other person who got lost crossing the valley now has the chance to be found (through our testimony) to see the light walking through and join it....if we ran it'd be hard for them to catch us.....this is all in sort of a parable not really bt what i mean is that it's like a metaphor ya know for what we go trough in life, if we has chirstians ran through life without helping those who have fallen what kind of chirstians would we be?

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  • Okay, but none of that Christ stuff.

    I have seventeen years sober after drinking enough for two lifetimes.

    I been to hell.

    I am not going back.

    I choose to live in heaven. Up here on the mountain. With God.

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    If we are in Christ Jesus , daeth is just a shadow, because we pass through it and are transformed into a glorified body that will not die,

    peace to you

    your friend

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    A poetic way of referring to the thought of the inevitable death that we all succumb to sooner or later.

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    Still the most accurate description of my marriage!

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