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OpenOffice Calc - how to enlarge individual cells, NOT columns?

??? How do I enlarge individual cells in OO calc?


Sorry for your trouble!

I figured out the problem was too big of a font size and solved that problem by widening the columns. However, this messed up the alignment of all of my other rows so was not desired, hence this question.

But, I WILL try out this merging cells thing because I ended up scrapping the whole excel project due to thinking it was seemingly impossible to get what I want with it. Maybe there is hope though. I will try.

Not sure the problem with merged cells but I will either see or not have a problem with it myself.

Thank you VERY much! I was thinking I would have had to revert to manually-crafted HTML tables for what I wanted, which would have been a lot of work. Here's to excel working, we'll see.

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    i just answered your other question...and now i see this

    ignore the 1st part where i explained the optimum column width.

    you want "Merged cells" you can highlight all as many cells in a row as you need.

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