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Whats Happening!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

Me an my friend(lets call her jane) have been really good friedns an i have another friend lets call her marry. me jane an marry use 2 be all good friends. then merry went 2 hang with her other friends but we were still always friends. so me an jane grew closer an closer. so then i went to california for 2 weeks. while im here janes status have been all about merry an how she luvs merry! her statuses were never about me!! just merry! is jane an merry getting closer without me! how do i solve it!

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    who are these people, jane and MARY (yes that is the correct way to spell it)?

    jane is probably having her status be about MARY because you're not there so she cannot hang out with you. still keep in touch with both of them and when you get back, everything will be fine with you, jane, MARY, and all your other friends whose names are probably sue and kathy. what's my name may i ask?

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    i feel ya on this.... thats why three-way relationship is harder to maintain, cuz, theres always the significant one in the relationship that is always stuck in the middle....

    just go with the flow... but maintain this relationship and don't ever grow apart. cuz mutual friendship will always last.. and not the other way around

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    just go be friends with them

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    gett back in her life

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