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Are special needs students more demanding to teach?

in comparison to mainstream. If so, what are some of the extra demands or qualities you need to be an effective special needs teacher?

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    Well of course they are more demanding to teach... lol ~ do you really think you should consider this career if you didn't realize this? You will need extreme patience and problem-solving skills. You may have students that don't understand what they're doing or why they are doing it. You may have individuals with learning disabilities, physical disabilities, hearing or sight impairment, emotional disturbances, etc. You will have to work with an ever-changing population!

    Source(s): 12 years experience with special-needs individuals, mom to son with autism and sensory disorder
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    If you need to ask Yahoo Answers if special needs students are more demanding, then you should consider being in special needs classes yourself. Seriously, don't teach special needs students if you have to ask this question.

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