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what could have bitten me on my arm?

i was at the beach (alantic ocean) today and a very very very small clear wormish looking like creature bit me on my arm. it felt like a shot and it stung for the next 5ish or so minutes but i proceeded to go on. later that night i was in my car and i realized where i had been bit on my arm was sore and felt like i had jsut recieved my tetnus shot. what could have bitten me?

the pain is dealable no need for medicine i jsut want to know what it was.

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    surprised the water wasn't too acidified...maybe a sea worm, or like the other guy said, a freshly separated jellyfish tentacle

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    Sounds like a jellyfish. If it wasn't the whole thing, perhaps it was just a tentacle that got broken off - if it was relatively 'fresh' it could still sting you without being attached to the jellyfish.

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