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Bad reaction to Sargents Gold Flea and Tick!? WARNING!?

Last evening I applied Sargents Gold Flea and Tick to my two dogs(one rat terrier and one Chihuahua mix, I applied according to the directions on the package. With in an hour both dogs were sick. The Rat Terrier had itching so bad that she was rolling on the floor finding anything to rub her back on. We realized she was having a bad reaction to the 'medication' and bathed her immediately. We noticed the Chihuahua licking the air a lot but at first we were not too concerned and took both dogs to bed. About ten minutes later I noticed a giant wet spot on the bed, my dog was drooling everywhere, I went and bathed her too. Thats when I got on the internet to look up this thing that was POISONING my dogs! It turns out I am not alone, not even close! I read the posts that I found and they all said wash the dog with dish soap to remove the chemicals, I re-washed both dogs with that. Both were still showing symptoms horribly itchy and restless refusing to settle down, like they had invisible things crawling on them, my chihuahua still drooling and vomiting foam. Finally at about 3 am, nearly 7 hours after application they finally went to sleep, although I think it was just from exhaustion. The Rat Terrier woke up still violently itchy and miserable, but happy to say she seems better this evening although she seems to have a strange foot twitch still affecting her. The Chihuahua after some watered down chicken broth to restore fluids seemed okay by morning. A very scary night, we are just hoping that there is nothing long term with the leg tick. Please do not use this product on your pet, it is dangerous!! Any one else have a similar story to share about this awful product?

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    I gave that to my dog, and he started having small seizures. Don't use that crap. That's what I get for trying to save a quick buck on Frontline. Never again!

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    I have heard of dogs and cats being killed by Sargents and Hartz flea products. Sadly they are still on the market.

    Even after wash, the skin has already absorbed some of the harmful chemicals. That's why your dogs are acting the way they do. If I were you, I would take the dogs to the vet for a check up. Just in case.

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    Sorry your dogs have find out the hard way but there has been many questions & links posted about the OTC flea meds. All can cause possible reactions but the cheap ones like yours, Hartz, Biospot have cause 60,000 cases reported to EPA alone. It is cheaper for them to pay out small vet bills than pull the product & find a new formula. Good story about always check out any product before applying or giving it to your pet. Here are links for you to read & post your story.

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    The folks in the veterinary field have known about these reactions for years.

    I cannot believe they are still able to sell that stuff!

    It's not just Sargents, either- Hartz products are awful!

    For your pet's saftey don't use any store bought flea product & NEVER use several different flea products on your pet at the same time!

    Source(s): Retired tech.
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