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Should Mcdonalds and all other fast food places have a sign that says "eat responsibly"?

Should Mcdonalds advertisments and restaurants have a sign that says "eat responsibly"?

Too many people are eating there and blameing them for how unhealthy it is or it gave them a disease like Diabetes. So should the fast food places have that so Mcdonalds wont be at fault in peoples minds? Why or why not?


Why do people sued them?

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    Yes I agree with you, everything you buy these days has warning labels on them so why not fast food outlets, I know that subway has subs for under 6 grams of fat, we are only suppose to have about 20 to 24 grams per day in total, so yes I think they should have a label on each of the wrappers stating how much fat and salt and calouries are in each one, I'm sure lots of people would read them and be shocked :)

    Source(s): I just recently learned that KFC has an average of 1 teaspoon of salt in each piece of chicken, that totally blew me away :)
  • I really don't think that posting a sign that says "Eat Responsibly" would do any good. People are going to eat what they want. It's up the individual to make the right choices for his or her own body maintenance. There is enough information out there that tells people that if they don't eat right they may be candidates for Diabetes.

    I think people who sue are wrong to do so because they have the choice of whether to eat the food or not. McDs for instance isn't standing over their heads with a bat saying eat our food. These type of law suits are frivolous and normally a waste of time and money.

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    Even if we had a sign that said "Eat responsibly" people would still continue to gorge themselves in the unhealthy ,fatty , deep fried goodness. Besides when people walk into a fast food restaurant the only thing they have on their mind is what they are going to eat.

    So, even if the company stuck that particular sign in well viewed space you can bet that only a handful of people would read it. Now can you honestly tell me that spending money on an advertisement sign would be worth it?

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    ofcourse : it should be a sight . O.k is true that Mcdonalds is not a healthy food to eat but at the end of the day is the costumer choice an they should be resposible for what they eat because no one is beng force to eat it . is just like me i know i am getting fatter because of eating to much frensh fried an cheeseburger in McD. so like is my choice i stop an if i go an by something i just order an salad ..NOT BAD :0)

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    I don't think they should have a sign that says that. People need to have more accountability for their own actions. This is America and we have the freedom to eat wherever, whatever we want. Amendment number 1, Freedom of Choice! Gotta love the Constitution.

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    no, if people don't take their own responsibility for what they eat, than it's not the fault of mcdonalds, and other restaraunts. if they were so worried than they would have never eaten there. McDonalds isn't telling them to eat as much as they are.

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    Personal responsibility.

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    Taco Bell, Chick-Fil-A, Subway, Hardys, and Burger King.

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    yes they should have one because some people will continue eating at fast food places without knowing what health problems they will face.

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    well actually they dont need a sign because u already kno what u are going to be eating so its ur choice weather u want it or not

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