Will California's Wealthy use their Tax Savings (no new taxes) to Build more Gated Communities...?

...to protect them from the inevitable continued increase in unemployment, poverty, crime and homelessness?

The California Budget:

Billions of Dollars in spending cuts to already cash-strapped schools. A sharp contraction in welfare, healthcare and in-home services to the poor and sick, with an estimated 40,000 Californians immediately losing in-home aid. A wave of closures of state parks. A forced borrowing of billions of dollars from cities and counties. An indefinite three-day a month furlough (equivalent to a 14% pay cut) for all state employees. And a huge, and likely irreversible, reduction in the state's commitment to its once-vaunted public university and community college system. Already, California State University faculty has voted to accept furloughs. And, soon, pay cuts will be implemented throughout the University of California system that range from 4% to 10% salary reductions.


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    I am sure they will.

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