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how do i play a wINDOWS MEDIA AUDIO FILE?

When i download from Lime wire i get all my songs in MPR AUDIO TYPE, the icon is of real tune player, and the songs play well

Some songs are listed as Windows media audio file types, the icon is of Windows media player, and they dont play. I get these messages in Windws media player which opens automatically as per the icon

'the owner of the protected content that you are trying to access needs you to first upgrade some of the microsoft digital rights management ( drm ) on your computer . Click Ok....when i click ok i get a message saying starting individualisation, aquiring licence, then i get a Title in the middle saying LICENCE REQUIRED and a message under the title saying - a licence cannot be found, was corrupted or expired.

What is all this - are these files locked from free use - can i open them in any way ?

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    WMA files often have file protection on them. You have two choices in this situation: You can trash the file, since legally it is bound to only be playable by the owner and the digital rights on the file prevent others from using it, or you can unlock the file.

    However, since this is illegal, I'm not going to tell you how or encourage you to do so.

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