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I need help with parents?

This might be alot but if you can just take the time to read and help please!

Im 13 and my sister is parents have known eachother for like 20 years or something like that...

Okay well my mom asked my sister and I who we would live with if her and my dad were to get a divorce. They me and my sister got to thinking that my mom was having an affair because we saw pictures of her in her underwear on her phone and i heard her on the phone with someone talking about those pictures and i know it wasnt my dad because he was at work and he has no time to be on the phone unless its an emergency..

.my mom is always on the phone with someone and texting. then one day she was on the phone with my aunt and she was saying that "...his wife told his kids..." "...he's 33 and he said that i would never tell you not to spend money" "...there was no sexual attraction but there was a physical attraction..." my dad dosent allow her to spend money so thats where that came from..

.then another day i heard her on the phone saying that her bags were packed and that she was moving back up to new york and that she cant live with them (me my dad and sister) anymore...also we have money problems and about a year ago we moved.

and my mom always asks us if we heard her and my dad having an argument...and she tells us if they did get into an argument...and one day i heard her talking to my dad saying she wasnt gonna leave my dad for "him" and that she wasnt gonna end up like my dads dad who happen to cheat on my grandma and leave my dad and his sisters at a young age.

and ever since she asked about that divorce thing it seems like my mom and dads relationship has gone downhill. and i just want your opinion if it seems like they are gonna get a rude comments please this is really serious to me and i think im in a depression partially from it

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    wow that sucks. It's terrible that your mom let you overhear all that. If they do get a divorce it's got nothing to do with you, and the kids should NEVER be drawn into it like that. There is nothing you can do...just wait and see. I know that's hard but it's true. It might help to get involved in something HEALTHY to take your mind off it. Like a sport, or start painting, or writing short stories, or staying at a friends house a lot.

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    Well, this is something you and your sister will have to learn sooner or later; not all relationships last, in fact most of them don't. If your parents are getting a divorce it's because they aren't happy together anymore.. I don't want to make you feel bad, but I'm sure you want your parents to have the chance to be happy, correct?

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    divorce is always hard. it is hard on everyone. sometimes people just grow apart. just remember this there are no perfect people nor are there perfect relationships. i would suggest maybe marital and/or family counseling. this may help with feelings and issues that are present. i am sorry you are going threw this. i will pray for you and your family. if they were to get a divorce it will be a hard deision for you and your sister to make as to who to live with. it does not mean that you love one parent more then the other. try talking to your parents let them know how you are feeling. i hope this helps.

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    Unfortunately in my opinion yes it does sound like your parents may be headed for divorce. Maybe you should talk openly to your mum about what you have heard and ask her whats going on.

    Good luck

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    that really really sucks but dont worry i cant say if theyll get a divorce or not but if they do it will be fine it hard but it gets easier and really its all still the same

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