Where can i find a picture of Yoshi?

****************************I NEED A WEBSITE TO GO WITH YOUR ANSWER. PLEASE READ THE REST OF WHAT I NEED!************************************** i need a picture of Yoshi but im looking for certain ones. i need one that has Yoshi holding/playing a computer, keyboard, mouse, ds, and anything that is related to computers and game electronics(gameboy, wii, etc.) please help me find one. THE YOSHI CANT LOOK LIKE IT WAS DRAWN AND IT CANT LOOK LIKE IT IS A PLUSHY!(please try to get what i mean, if you dont that just ignore what i just said) (P.S. the only reason i put it in caplocks (capital letters) is because a those are stuff you need to like knoww. and please readd the whole thing, it would help a lot. )THANK YOU SO MUCHH! IF YOUR PICTUREE WAS PERFECT THEN I WOULD MAKE IT THE BEST ANSWER! PLEASE HELP. THANK YOU! (:

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  • 1 decade ago
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    try google images and just search what ur looking 4.

  • 1 decade ago

    The search bar is your friend in this particular situation.

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