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How can i fix my LCD monitor?

It powers on, then, it flashes gray and black horizontal lines or stripes whatever you want to call them, then it will go to black screen. If you know whats wrong can you tell me if i can fix it myself? Its a Chimei brand monitor also.


i answered yes

Update 2:

32 inch monitor less than 100 bucks! Where?

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    This question is not completely clear.

    1) Is this problem persistent even when you see the BIOS screen (The initial screen you see when you turn on the computer)

    If you have answered yes!

    The IC (Integrated Circuit) holding the projection is fried. You can remove the LCD panel and try to isolate the IC and get a replacement for it based on the serial number. Or buy a new one it is less than a 100 bucks now.

    If you have answered no!

    Boot the computer in safe mode, Change the resolution to 800X600. Check the screen refresh rate at approx 70 Hz and get back on the normal windows mode. (Safe mode can be activated when you press F8 while windows is booting up)

    Rechange the settings to your liking.

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