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what is the the easiest way to build a really big aquarium?

Most cost efficient

looks decent

and 300+ gal.

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    Plywood/Glass are the most economical .... but still going to cost you in time/materials.

    Oh well,if you're still game ... go here,punch in the numbers,and get a " build/cut list" ...then see if it's worth it to you.....

    For "odd-ball" sizes, it is ...

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    A 300g tank is a nice size tank. It's not too big that you can't do it yourself. I'm curious though, why wouldn't you want to buy one that is manufactured by professionals? Unless you've built smaller tanks on your own, why undertake such a behemoth for your first attempt at tank building? Like I said, it's not THAT big, but it sure is a lot of water to have all over your floor. FYI, I say it is behemoth in terms of a DIY project, but not THAT big in terms of a store bought tank. I keep a saltwater reef and that is a very common size in our hobby.

    A standard size 300g tank is approximately 72" x 36" x 27" (303 gallons). You can probably pick up a brand new tank with these dimensions for about $1,500-$1,900. If you went with a used tank, you can possibly get one for $800-$1,000. For that price it's totally worth buying it already constructed........IMO of course.

    Best of luck with your project,


  • Ianab
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    Contruction timber, plywood, fibreglass, epoxy pool paint and one big piece of glass (shop window thickness) for the front.

    Go to this forum and look for the tank building threads.

    Remember the weight of that size tank, you do need to start thinking about your foundations and floor when you have that much weight.


    Edit - Store bought tanks might be better - but you cant walk into many shops and pick up a 500gal tank. There are companies that will build them for you, but you can probably buy a decent used car for the price they will charge. For big tanks, DIY is the way to go, unless you have VERY deep pockets.

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    Trust me. I've done the math. I calculated all the materials you'd need and can tell you...

    It's within a few dollars of going to a pet store and buying one.

    Making one, especially one that big, will be a major undertaking. Do you understand that water is heavy? Water puts hundreds of pounds of pressure on each joint. Joints have to be lined up perfectly so they don't make pressure points and weak points that cause cracks and leaks.

    1 mistake, and the whole thing can shatter.

    If you're off just a little, fill it with water and fish, and the whole thing busts wide open, what are you gonna do?

    Store bought tanks are safer.

    Most of them come with a guarantee.

    Trust me, please!

    Store bought is best.

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    i would ask a Professional about that. That's a pretty insane project.

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