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Hi ladies.What is your impression about me and what would you have done under those circumstances?

A girl who happens to be a friend was in a need of an urgent help and she basically said I'll do anything for you if you help.It sounded tempting but two mins later i responded by saying do you think i am a low life cheap jerk who wants to take advantage of you for some help.She responded by giving a small smile and a sorry in reply

What do you think.Should i have taken the opportunity or did i impress her/you for not being a selfish jerk

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    I think you should have told her you would help her if she calmed down and told you the situation, and that there was no need for her to do anything in return since you are friends and that's what friends do.

    That would impress me : )

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    If you were to say that to me in a nicer tone, I would really appreciate it. Since you kinda flipped out, it would make me think you're a jerk. =/ Sorry.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    she just wanted help gosh id rather have a guy be like yesh ill help you girl

  • 1 decade ago

    i guess u co0l cuz she smiled nd tht was kind of weird but o k :P

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