how was your freshman in high school experience?

I'm starting high school next week, i'm really not nervous or anything i'm actually pretty excited! I'm just curious

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    It's going to be great. High school is all about surrounding yourself with the right people and finding out who you really are. Things aren't going to be hard the teachers all understand where your coming from and that everyone is on the same level. I'm a junior now and I loved my freshman year so much more than my sophomore year. You'll have fun. Just don't try and start trouble with any seniors, they will take advantage of you. They are like bugs, if you don't bother them they don't bother you=]

    Good luck=]

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    As a freshman for the second time in my life (college) all i have to say is cherish every moment. As stupid as it may be. Cherish it. Your 4 years will go by faster than you ever imagine. There's a lot of rumors that went around for us, getting pennies/ketchup packets thrown at us, u know, the typical hazing stuff. None of it happened. It'll be an adjustment from middle/junior high, but it'll happen quick and you'll start to blend. Get involved with programs that get you involved with other classes, ie. Soph. Juinor. Sr. class. Band, Sports, Academics. Anything. If all you do is go to school then come home and watch tv, years from now when your friends from hs are talking about their experiences, you'll have nothing to remember or talk about. Oh, and don't mouth off to upper classmen. Granted they won't beat u up, it still won't gain you any respect. With them, or kids in ur own class. Other than all listed above, study hard and have fun. It'll pay off come sr year. Trust me.

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    freshman year is a bewildering time - enjoy it as best you can. it can be rocky, but you are still young, you can be goofy with your friends, you learn a lot of skills in classes that are different from elementary/middle school. People start to take you just a little more seriously and see you as a pre-adult, if you will. my advice - join some clubs! Band, theater, poetry club, av club, JV or intermural sports - it's a great way to meet people with common interests and you learn lots from those too. be aware that High school is a huge time of growth in your life - best of luck :)

  • 4 years ago

    oh how thrilling! umm we could see newcomers twelve months. i made soo many blunders that i be apologetic approximately. first. my grades. they sucked. i did no longer carry out as much as my means. and that i'm disappointed with myself simply by fact of it 2d. i went after boys i knew i could no longer get. so it wasn't my superb twelve months,despite if it became into nevertheless relaxing! your going to fulfill soo many new pals, and the dances are relaxing and the video games too!:D purely some words of suggestion. analyze first. events later. you have something of your existence to party, concentration on college and get the grades so which you would be able to get right into a competent college and make something of your self. stay removed from upperclassmen boys. they are jerks, and that they're going to rip you to shreds. in the event that they appear like they such as you, they probable purely prefer to do issues with you..and you be attentive to what style of issues i'm speaking approximately. make pals with the main amazing people. you will earnings alot of recent pals, and likewise lose pals, yet thats part of existence. purely verify the folk you're pals with, are good smart people and not troublemakers. do have slightly relaxing. do no longer go TOO loopy and study each and all the time. ensure you visit the video games and the dances, those are continually relaxing and could create thoughts you will keep in mind continuously! whilst cases get no longer undemanding, purely be stable and pull via, time heals each little thing. tension will come, and tears will fall out of your eyes, drama will ensue, yet you need to have many of the main astonishing cases of your existence and thoughts which you will keep in mind continuously. so good success and need intense college is excellent for you!!

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  • 1 decade ago

    my freshman year wasn't bad at all.

    made awesome new friends.

    kept some old ones.

    classes were good.

    had a good laugh all year.

    its was a good start to my high school experience.

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    1 decade ago

    the first week i felt terrified but after a week i felt right at home :D

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    1 decade ago

    best year of my life, learn the best lesson from life that year

  • 1 decade ago

    um...fine i guess. nothing special. lol. Good Luck though =)

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