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OK guys, what does CFR stand for?

Seems like many of you don't know who or what these people are.


You're right, I should have mentioned they advise our government on just about everything.

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    CFR Code of Federal Regulations

    CFR Cost and Freight (shipping)

    CFR Council on Foreign Relations

    CFR Campaign Finance Reform

    CFR Case Fatality Rate

    CFR Coronary Flow Reserve

    CFR Certified First Responder

    CFR Crest Factor Reduction (algorithm)

    CFR Carbon Fiber Reinforced

    CFR Caile Ferate Romane (Romanian Railways)

    CFR Center for Family Resources

    CFR Community First Responder

    CFR Crash Fire and Rescue (USMC)

    CFR Cooperative Fuel Research

    CFR Call for Release (FAA)

    CFR Confirmation to Receive

    CFR Configuration Register

    CFR Central Forest Reserve

    CFR Constant Failure Rate

    CFR Carbon Film Resistor

    CFR Consolidated Fiscal Report

    CFR Community and Family Resources

    CFR Commissioning from the Ranks (Canadian military)

    CFR Caen, France - Carpiquet (Airport Code)

    CFR Claims Fluctuation Reserve (insurance industry)

    CFR Comprehensive Facility Review

    CFR Catastrophic Failure Rate

    CFR Commercial Fast Reactor

    CFR Critical Functional Response

    CFR Cumulative Failure Rate

    CFR Contact Flight Rules

    CFR Carton Flow Rack (material handling)

    CFR Coldwater Fishery Resource

    CFR Condensate Filter Demineralizer

    CFR Franciscan Friars of the Renewal, Fr. Groeschel (religious order)

    CFR Contractor Funds Report

    CFR Contractor Flight Release

    CFR Customer Field Representative

    CFR Course Frequency Receiver

    CFR Carry Forward Form

    CFR Can't Find the Road (undefined radio program format)

    CFR Commission Foncière Rurale (French)

    CFR Case Form Report

    CFR Cartridge Fuse Rating

    CFR Computer Facial Recognition

    CFR Cylinder Firing Rate

    CFR Customer Failure Report

    CFR Chemical Functional Review

    CFR Cumulative Financial Requirements

    CFR Control Filter Rate

    CFR Conceptual Feasibility Report

    CFR Commander Federal Republic

    CFR Cleaning Force Ratio

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    Council on Foreign Relations

  • 1 decade ago

    Council on Foreign Relations

  • Anonymous
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    Code of Federal Regulations

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  • Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) I am guessing I just Googled it lol

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    Hi Mat,

    Hmmm.. Let Me take a guess..C.. is for for Frying..and R.. is for Roy..So, CFR means Cat Frying Roy..Hehehe..

    You Friend,


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    Council of foreign relations

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    The council on Foreign relations and they are globalist. Follow the path

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    Cheese For Rent

  • Anonymous
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    Code of Federal Regulation.

    Additional: Opps, well now you know both acromyns for CFR.

    Council on Foreign Relations.

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