I have this weird skin problem...please help!?

My skin is very very frustrating. I never have purely clear skin. There are always at least 4 pimples in my T-zone. My pimples are normally red and some are pustules (gross). I have combination skin, so it's difficult to take care of anyways. Whenever I try acne products, they cause my skin to breakout in these weird, small bumps. They make my skin feel tight and dry, and they last for about a week. You can't tell I have them unless you feel my face, which feels rough. My normal skin routine is exfoliate, rinse, moisturize (lightly), and then cleanse. I just want clear skin. Please please help!


I lied. They're not pustules, they're macules.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    It sounds like those acne products are making your skin dry, and those little bumps are a result of your skin being unable to shed impurities. I believe most acne treatments are way too harsh for skin anyway, causing them to either overproduce oil or flake/burn. Your description sounds similar to my skin. I think switching to an oily cleanser would help your skin a great deal. I know it sounds weird and you'll feel weird about it at first, as I did, but no doubt it'll balance out your skin. Cold cream is awesome, and so is Lumene's Lift Touch cleanser. These remove even waterproof makeup (VERY effective at lifting dirt/oil), but leave your skin moisturized.

    At first you may feel a little less clean than usual because your skin isn't tight and residue-free, but over time you'll find your skin balances out, heals well, and has fewer to no breakouts. I now have no zits unless it's the week before my period, and I never use zit creams.

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    I have very sensitive skin, and I've learned that for me, less is better. In other words, all I do is wash my skin with a very gentle cleanser (Cetaphil) and I never use acne medications.

    As a teen, I still had some pimples but it was better if I didn't use the acne stuff.

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