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Why are Israelis evicting Palestinians from their homes in Jerusalem?

"I was born in this house and so were my children," said Maher Hanoun, whose family was evicted along with the neighbouring Ghawi household. "Now we are on the streets. We have become refugees."

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    same reason we put indians on a reservation and kicked mexico out. because you cant win

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    Its because Jesus brought down his almighty fist and ******* demolished Mikhail Habib or whatever the **** his name is and his house, and now he is forced to live in the streets with Alain.

    See this wouldn't be so bad because of Alain but in all reality he is a viru, and therefore I am a viru repellent. Im the best, your in, im out

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    Uh, I think it is called. Israel went to WAR and Israel won the WAR and so the land is Israel.

    Did Europe give Germany back to Hitler after the War ended?

    Did the US give any land back to Spain after we won the war?

    The Palestinians can go to one of the other Terrorists sympathizing countries like Iran, Pakistan and let them live there in peace.

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    1 decade ago

    Because there will never be peace in the mid east.

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  • 1 decade ago

    no, its not that same as kicking indians out thumbs up doushe!

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    you're not.


    oh and i guess its since thats like the holy land/

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