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My mother is sixty-one years old and she is working in Indiana for a federal funded organization that provides services for low income families. She has been working for this organization for four years. Now, her employer is asking for her to transfer to another location with same job title and responsibilities that is 10 miles farther from her current workplace and 20 miles from where she lives. This will be very difficult for her to travel there and they are aware of her situation. If she refuses the transfer that they are demanding and they fire her for refusal to not transfer, will she be eligible for unemployment benefits?

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    Most likely not, unless she can prove to the satisfaction of the Unemployment Office that the 20 miles difference placed an extreme and undue hardship on her. You should check the Indiana department of labor website and find the phone number for unemployment and ask them directly before she makes a decision.

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    Most people who get fired can get Unemployment Benefits except under limited circumstances. In CA, refusal to transfer to another location is not grounds for unemployment benefit denial. I don't know what state your mother is in but I would check with the state labor board re: your mother's rights. I would also check with the agency in charge of unemployment benefits.

    That said, are they offering more pay or other incentives for transfer that will make up difference in difficulty to get to new location. In other words, if they are offering more money, does it cover cost of say a taxi to take her there & back.

    If your mother becomes unemployed, are her job skills up to par to get another job doing the same thing. Even if up to par, it may be difficult to find something else in this economy. In CA, you can get up to 79 weeks of benefits but that may be different in your mother's state. If she can't get another job once her unemployment runs out, she could take early retirement at age 62 but her retirement pay will be less than if she takes retirement at 65. If she retired at 65, she could still work & keep her full retirement up until a certain income level. That info can be found out at Social Security.

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    No. If it was 50 miles away, very possibly, but not when it's just 20 miles from home and 10 miles farther from home than her job is now.

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